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Get to know me a little bit better 

Nerea Pajares Moran
Dietitian-Nutritionist and Biotechnologist
"I bring you the latest scientific knowledge in nutrition so that you can implement it in your daily routine"

There is a gap between new knowledge in nutrition and its implementation. This gap is even greater between this knowledge and the one practiced by the population. We are being bombarded by nutrition information constantly: new fad diets, superfoods, advice from friends and training partners, recommendations on blogs or instagram channels... In addition, these sources tend to  contradict each other and all claim to have found the key to better health or sports performance.  
Due to this situation, it is normal for us to feel overwhelmed, confused and no longer know how to approach our diet and what products to put in our shopping cart. 


Thanks to my studies of Human nutrition and diet and my previous studies in Biotechnology that gave me the necessary biochemical and scientific bases to understand what happens in our cells with what we eat, I have learned that many of these knowledge are myths not supported by science. 
I want scientific approaches to be accessible for everyone, whether your goal is to win races at the highest level or to become more physically active and improve your health. 

Throughout my life I have practiced sports. I started with cross country when I was 5 years old, then went on to track events, trying everything from shot put to pole vault. I stopped training once I got to university but I kept practicing and enjoying different sports: climbing, triathlon, capoeira, muay thai, strength training, cycling... Currently I mainly practice cycling. The bicycle has taught me the importance of nutrition during the practice of sport. Also to discover new places and a different way of traveling. My last adventure has been a 3-month trip through Europe with my solo and self-sufficient bicycle. 


If you work with me, we'll start by looking at what your current diet is like and identify myths and misconceptions. We will progressively improve your diet and adjust it to your daily needs and goals. always throughmethods with scientific evidence andpersonalized. I will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools so that you can autonomously and confidently choose your most appropriate menu as well as improve your relationship with food. 

  • Degree in Biotechnology. University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). 

  • Master in Biomedical Research. Uppsala University, Sweden. ​

  • Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Isabel I International University. 

  • ISAK level 1 anthropometrist.

  • Specialization in Sports Nutrition. ICNS.

If you want to start working with me to improve your diet and thus improve your health and performance, contact me and book your first consultation.
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